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D&Y Laboratories

Our advanced research facilities where studies on stable water clusters are conducted. View images here

Double Helix Water

An application of the stable water cluster engineered for health purposes. For more information about this visit doublehelixwater.com
D&Y Labs Double Helix Water Catalyst

Eco Perfect

A specific stable water cluster engineered to be a fuel catalyst. for more infomation vistit ecoperfect.us
D&Y Laboratories Stable Water Cluster

Stable water clusters

Stable water clusters photographed with an atomic force microscope demonstrating the double helix structure. Read more

David L. Gann of D&Y LaboratoriesWelcome to D&Y Laboratories

“Here at D&Y Laboratories, we maintain that technology holds the keys not only to the betterment of our civilization, but to its survival. Only through scientific research and discovery can the solutions that are needed in today’s world be understood and brought into reality. As a result of this premise, we at D&Y Laboratories specialize in researching eco-friendly technologies that have the potential to handle the problems of today’s world; medically, economically, and environmentally.

“In accordance with our purpose, we have been privileged to work closely with many noted scientists and respected universities, including UCLA, USC, Cal Tech, University of Kentucky, University of Central Missouri – to name a few.

“Our primary line of research in the last decade has been into one of the most basic substances on earth, a substance integral and vital to all life – H2O.  We have published groundbreaking research on this subject and are continually endeavoring to expand upon this.  With two products now licensed to production companies and being brought to market, D&Y Laboratories is now concentrating on applying our findings concerning the stable water cluster to numerous other uses.

“D&Y Laboratories’ primary research facility is located in the Midwest of the USA and includes a state-of-the-art Class 100 cleanroom, an Innova® Atomic Force Microscope, and a highly advanced water filtration system.” David L. Gann Founder of D&Y Laboratories (1949 – 2013)