Alan Painter, Director and President

Alan Painter

Alan Painter, Director and President of D&Y Laboratories

Alan Painter, Director and President of  D&Y Laboratories Inc.  is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Alrino Energy Corporation developing both Oil and Gas and  Wind Energy properties,  and Pacific Charter Financial Services Corporation (“Pacific Charter”) providing management and investment banking services to the Company and other clients. Pacific Charter structures corporate bond transactions and performs implementation and administration functions for its clients.

Alan has owned, operated, and invested in a variety of businesses including operating a chain of newspapers in the Northwest (Seattle/Tacoma, Washington), as Mid Cities Publishing;  he also built homes under the name of Cascade Homes, and operated on the Continent as a major buyer of crude oil with  Conexx Oil corporation  in London, England. Since 1984, he has headed an investment group for the purpose of investing in a diversified portfolio of businesses for its own account, and has served as interim officer and/or director for various companies.    Alan has an extensive background in international business, finance, and banking.